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Closing care gaps with a single playbook.


Reduced Utilization

Reducing unnecessary utilization requires empowering providers with the right information at the right time so that they can ensure patients receive the right care in the right treatment venue.

Connected Care

We curate and disseminate data across all points of care, so that all treating providers have the information they need when they need it to impact change.

Improved Outcomes

Consistently and seamlessly coordinated care ensures that patients get the right care in the right venue, ultimately resulting in improved patient outcomes.
Smart Notifications
Delivered instantly upon a triggering event. Targeted to your workflow. With exactly the information you need. Without having to ask.
Curated Content
A patient’s record accompanies them to all points of care. Putting data from across the care continuum right at your fingertips.
Distilled Instantly
Comprehensive data is automatically distilled into a digestible format and displayed instantly. No more wading. No more waiting for claims data.
Simple Platform
Why waste time learning a complicated new system? Our applications are built for ease of use and are, well…easy. Learn in under an hour easy.
Single Playbook
Truly coordinated care achieved through uniting everyone on the care team with a single playbook from which to treat a patient. Ensuring optimal care is delivered every time.
Proactive Risk Identification
Wouldn’t it be amazing if an application could instantly identify risk in your patient population and then tell you about it in real-time? We do that.
Secure & Compliant
We value keeping patient data safe and secure more than we do just about anything else. Visit our Privacy & Security page for answers to your most pressing security questions.
Extraordinary Value
Since we’re already promising a lot, we might as well tell you that what we do is low-cost, high-benefit. Both economically and clinically.
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And Growing… Find out how hundreds of providers have impacted better outcomes for millions of patients.

What We Do

Easy Integration

We have multiple integration options available—HL7-standard interface, flat file upload, etc.—each easy for an IT team to accomplish quickly.

System Agnostic

Building interfaces with a bunch of different providers and then translating all the data into something valuable is a pain. We do it so that no one else has to, and we’ve never met a system we couldn’t interface with.

Nothing to Install

Our solutions are all web-based applications. There is nothing to install, never an update to download. Our newest code is always available to users as immediately as it is released.

Lightweight Application Layer

That plays nicely in the sandbox with your existing tech stack, and provides what none of your other applications can.

Stellar Support Comes Standard

We don’t offer tiered support packages, because excellent support comes standard with our solutions.